Privacy Policy

Introduction to the Privacy Policy

European Conferences United (ECU) endeavours to bring global events into local markets, to actively participate in the global B2B environment.

While doing so, we are fully committed to both protection and maintenance of privacy of every person we come across and collaborate with, which includes:

  • Our clients;
  • Our customers with legitimate interest;
  • Our business partners;
  • Our co-operators; and
  • Our team.

We store the data of each of the above groups with due diligence and in full compliance with both local and international laws on data protection and usage within the countries in which we operate.

This Privacy Policy discusses in detail the purpose of personal data collection and its usage by ECU in complete agreement with both local and international laws. In doing so, this Privacy Policy covers in detail our guardianship (handling / processing) of all personal information collected and its usage by us or our partners.

Private information collected by ECU may include (but is not limited to) first name, surname, all types of contact details including e-mail address, direct numbers, mobile numbers, postal addresses and IP addresses or any other personal information required towards the fulfilment of our clients’ requirements.

Finally, we would like to state that the provision of personal data is voluntary, but any refusal to provide such information shall make it impossible to fulfil services related to ECU events.

About European Conferences United (ECU)

In an era of GLOCAL being the new LOCAL, ECU aims to bring major global B2B events into local markets. To achieve this, ECU carefully researches local markets (identifying their needs), verifies the possibility of fulfilment of the needs by leading global B2B events and encourages international players to step into the local markets (countries).

The leading global partner may / or may not be placing a strategic focus on the identified local market, and in such instances ECU steps in as a representative organising the event on behalf of the global organiser within the local country.

Through these well recognised global events, ECU anticipates the growth of a local markets, by:

  • Providing an international platform for local companies to collaborate in a world-class environment; and
  • Attracting international companies to these GLOCAL platforms, giving them the opportunity to do business with local companies within an international environment.

What Personal Data do we collect?

While operating in different countries, the personal data collected depends on the nature of GLOCAL events and the laws of the country. In this section, we will explain the personal information we might collect upon your visit to our events, website and while contacting us.

The term “personal information” used within this Privacy Policy refers to the types of information we may collect from various sources, such as:

Information provided by our customers

While registering and providing the data necessary to be best served at our events, our customers are required to fill in registration forms which include:

  • Contact details, such as: name, surname, e-mail address, postal address and telephone number;
  • Professional contact information including job position, job role, department, area of work and business interest and other associated company information;
  • Special needs to be fulfilled at the event in the form of comments;
  • Marketing materials of event sponsors to be published as part of websites and events;
  • Payment details including bank account numbers and credit card details required for the purchase of participation tickets; and
  • Interests and communication preferences including marketing permissions where appropriate; and
  • Feedback from our customers at the end of an event.

Information collected through website visits

Upon entering our URLs or browsing our websites, we may use cookies or other IT tools to determine user demographics, location, interests and information about user devices, browser and operating system, namely:

  • IP address information and information relating to the specific use of the website to enhance user experience;
  • Information about the website journey (visit) through URL clicks;
  • Products viewed and searched;
  • Personal data including e-mail address upon the completion of event subscription forms; and
  • Time spent on our website or a specific URL.

Any information collected through website visits shall only be accessed by an ECU authorised employee or associate.

Information collected by third parties

Cooperating and operating in multiple locations simultaneously with multiple organisers may mean the involuntary collection of information linked to:

  • Specific sensitive information mentioned within contractual obligations both with our operating partners and event clients;
  • Market insights provided by our operating partners enabling understanding towards legitimate interests;
  • Global affairs while conducting events internationally; and
  • Other third-party information provided by our clients as their holding / sister company towards participation / registration in our events.

How we use the Personal Data collected?

All personal information collected as part of the above processes is stored with utmost care (privacy) and processed lawfully.

Lawful processing of personal information in Europe

While complying with the European data protection laws, the lawful bases of usage of the personal information collected include:

  • While entering a legal contract towards a professional relationship;
  • Where we have a legitimate interest to do so, provided your rights do not override these interests;
  • Where the concerned party has consented towards its usage; and
  • An outcome resulting from an inbound commercial inquiry seeking action.

Website analytics

ECU websites predominantly use Google Analytics, a tool from Google Inc., which uses cookies to analyse websites. Information saved in these cookies is transferred to and stored by Google. Google uses this data to analyse the use of the website, to present data to the owner and administrator of the website, as well as to provide other services related to website traffic and Internet use. Google may transfer this information to third parties if required by law or if third parties process this information on behalf of Google. Google does not link the user’s IP address to any other data stored by Google. The Google privacy policy is available at:

Any information collected through the use of our websites serves to enhance user experience as part of our legitimate interests as a commercial organisation and includes:

  • Suggesting appropriate products based upon the behavioural preferences of the user; and
  • Immediate response towards user enquires / feedback left on our contact-related pages.

Any website visitor can opt out from Google Analytics by using the tool available at:

E-mail subscriptions

While subscribing to our e-mails, the user will only receive e-mails linked to the service / product concerned. Through subscription, we gather:

  • Contact details such as e-mail, name, surname, company name; and
  • Various statistical information, including open rate, click through rate and other downloads enabling us to provide better service.

This permission towards e-mail subscription is received by us through e-mail alerts and registration forms. Anyone can unsubscribe from the e-mails at any time by pressing the unsubscribe button.

ECU uses a globally well recognized e-mail marketing system (service provider) to carry out e-mail marketing activities (including sending newsletters and price promotions) allowing e-mail subscribers to renew, add or cancel subscriptions. The e-mail subscriber’s data may be transferred to third country in compliance with appropriate safeguards by the service provider.

ECU may pass the information of service provider upon individual request written to

The acceptance of e-mail subscription forms provides ECU with the consent to process user data in accordance with legitimate interest.

Data security

Operating in a global environment, we only partner or implement IT solutions which are in full compliance with international data security laws; and in doing so:

  • Our electronic data is fully secure thanks to appropriate IT infrastructure;
  • All processed data is password-protected ensuring its usage only by authorised persons;
  • All law-abiding certifications towards IT compliances are implemented; and
  • We set high standards concerning data security along with our IT partners.

As previously mentioned, we co-operate with quite a few IT service providers, and we do not maintain or manage their IT security. We co-operate with them on the basis of contractual agreements which confirm their compliance with both local and international cyber security laws.


From time to time, we use cookies to enhance the customer experience towards legitimate interest. Although cookies do not contain any personal information, we can determine client behaviour through the use of AI tools.

Website users can delete / block the usage of cookies in the web browser settings (according to the documentation for a given browser and its specific version). However, doing so may lead to the malfunctioning of the website (and in extreme cases it may not work at all).

Website users may opt out from Google cookies using the link:; and from third-party cookies:

Joint Organiser (Co-Host)

As ECU intends to bring international events to local markets, in most cases we act as a co-host (joint organiser). Our co-hosting is based upon detailed legal contracts which must be strictly complied with by both ECU and the international event brand owner.

The transfer of our clients’ personal data may or may not be part of such an agreement with the brand owner and can differ within every partnership / every country / every event.

ECU shall pass the clients’ personal data to our joint partners under legitimate interest.

Upon agreement with our clients and the passing of data to the joint organiser, ECU shall not hold itself accountable towards the data usage of the partner. To know more about our partners' data usage, we encourage our clients to read the privacy policy of the joint organiser.

Event Sponsors (Event Partners)

Every event organized by ECU has sponsors having a commercial interest in doing business with our participants. At ECU, we encourage this by facilitating such meetings with the aim of knowledge transfer based upon needs identification and fulfilment.

ECU's specific tailor-made products for this purpose include speed networking sessions, match making and one-to-one or one-to-many meetings.
Each of these products is specific to the format of an event and / or needs of the partner.

Data protection and privacy of our client is extremely important, and therefore as a standard business policy we do not pass personal data of our event participants to our event partners unless explicitly agreed with the participant.

In saying so, the privacy of our clients is of crucial importance to us and we will not compromise it under any circumstances.

All websites dedicated to ECU events have a partner page where partners may post content and / or advertise their products. The websites might also have links to the partners’ websites.

ECU is not responsible for the consequences of decisions made on the basis of this website content, as well as for the actions of other people, institutions, entities and websites to which the links published on this website lead.

How long is the Personal Data stored for?

Any personal data is stored by us for as long as:

  • It is agreed with the client; or
  • For as long as we believe we have a legitimate purpose to do so; or
  • For as long as an applicable law allows us to do so.

At the end of the designated holding period, the personal information is destroyed or deleted securely.

However, clients may always request the deletion of their data upon considering their rights or if the personal data has been compromised in anyway.

In every marketing campaign, we have an unsubscribe option (Opt-out) enabling users to resign from communications from us.

A client / subscriber may also leave a message / note for us on our contact-related pages towards the use of their data and we always fully comply with it as we believe in the philosophy of “Your Data = Your Right”.

Does ECU comply with all Global Data Protection laws?

Being an international player, ECU is aware of all legal data protection compliances worldwide. However, the compliances are mandatorily based upon the country or regional laws, and optionally / additionally based upon the data protection laws of the joint organiser.

For example, if ECU is in a joint partnership with an American (US) firm to organise an event in Germany, then ECU must adhere to the data protection laws of Germany (EU), but it might also adhere to the data protection laws of US, although it does not have to. This will depend upon the agreement between ECU and its joint partner.

Since ECU operates predominantly in Europe, ECU fully adheres and complies with EU data protection laws, giving individuals a number of rights. Within the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), an individual can (and ECU adheres to):

  • The right to confirmation whether or not we have your personal data and, if we do, to obtain a copy of the personal information we hold. This is known as subject access request;
  • The right to have inaccurate data rectified;
  • The right to have your data erased. This does not however apply to where it is necessary for us to continue to use the data for a lawful reason;
  • The right to request the restriction or suppression of personal data, such as, we will stop using the data (but we may continue storing it);
  • The right to obtain your personal data that you have provided to us on the basis of consent or performance of a contract, and where technically feasible, transmitted in a common electronic format to you or directly to another company;
  • The right to object to the use of your data. Specifically, you have the right to object to our use of your data for marketing and in relation to automated decision making, including profiling where there may be legal or similarly significant results.
  • In addition to GDPR regulations, ECU considers the needs of the individuals before their own and always ensures that the requests submitted by clients are taken care of. As previously mentioned, if the user feels that the data is processed by ECU in breach of the law and ECU disregards the user's request, the user may at any time file a complaint to the supervisory authority.

Additionally, foreign nationals living in a specific country may face the challenge of differences in legal compliances towards privacy of personal information. In such cases, foreign nationals can let us know of their needs, and ECU will endeavour to do its best towards a satisfactory conclusion.

Who can I speak to about Data Privacy in ECU?

The administrator of personal data is European Conferences United Sp. z o.o. with its seat in Kraków 30-331, ul. Ludwinowska 7/16; entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for Kraków, 11th Commercial Department of the National Court Register on 15th November 2002 under the KRS number: 0000132734; tax identification number (NIP): PL 6762228354.

If you have any questions about personal data privacy, data security or data usage, please feel free to write to us:

Data Compliance Officer
European Conferences United Sp. z o.o.
ul. Ludwinowska 7/16 (pierwsze piętro)
30-331 Kraków
We shall be happy to respond and investigate all your concerns.

Changes within this Privacy Policy

As ECU continues to grow and collaborate with more and more geographically distinct countries, legal compliances may increase substantially to protect both our clients’ and website users’ data. Simultaneously, data protection laws are continuously evolving and shall continue to do so over the next few years up to a decade as a result of advancements in IT and infrastructure.

Therefore, we request our website users and clients to visit our Privacy Policy from time to time to ensure they are aware of any changes.

This Privacy Policy has been updated on 31 December 2021