Connecting People to Grow  

European Conferences United was established in 2002 at the initiative of various European stakeholders prior to the accession of the new member states to the European Union in May 2004.

The company was created to achieve several objectives that contribute to the healthy growth and development of several of the new Member States;

  • Enhancing the skills base of top-level professionals who in turn contribute to the creation of decent and value-adding jobs
  • Attracting high-quality foreign investments that facilitate the transfer of technology, knowledge and know-how
  • Boosting competitiveness of domestic firms and enabling their access to other markets

While the previous objectives remained valid during the years a new objective has been added;

  • Encouraging companies to operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner

Our Mission:

Together with our partners we are changing the lives of people for a better, more comfortable and much more pleasant and healthy environment to live in. We are fulfilling our mission by connecting people to grow businesses, careers and communities.

Being People Centric is key to everything in business
Through various initiatives that support the development of many industries in Poland and abroad, we are convinced that the epicenter of modern business is the customer. We also realized that employees are an organization's greatest asset.

Aiming for continuous improvement of business ecosystems
We believe that companies should focus their business development on the continuous improvement of the quality of life and the satisfaction of both their consumers and their employees. The aim should be to offer both consumers and employees a high level of comfort and well-being.

Encouraging development and learning of those who can make a difference
Continuous transformation following rapidly changing trends and customer expectations is therefore one of the key elements of the growth strategy. This is only possible when managers understand and appreciate that their professional life is a never-ending process of development and learning

Facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experiences

That's why at ECU we strive to help organizations and their employees create a better tomorrow for their customers and employees. We do this by facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Casper Haring

Chief Executive Officer

Our mission at ECU is to continually improve customers' lives. We want to achieve this through our various business platforms.

Joanna Gajek-Donizak

Conference Director Retail/FMCG

Our business platforms allow us to track consumer needs, support the development of customer relationships, and improve customer experiences.

Michael Samuel

Customer Service Director

Through our business platforms, we want to focus primarily on business cooperation, digital transformation, innovation and sustainable development.

Take your potential to new heights!

We have all seen pictures of businessmen celebrating victory on top of a mountain. That's no surprise, as there are many similarities between climbing and being successful in business; both are about reaching goals, achieving dreams, and discovering that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Climbing a mountain or managing business success are long and difficult planning and preparation processes. And a lot of that, you have to handle yourself.

However, you can't start climbing a mountain if you don't have a map or can't find the trail and obviously you can't do it all by yourself.