Industry leading Congresses

ECU is dedicated to empowering organizations and their employees to shape a better future for their customers and staff. We achieve this by facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experiences that connect people and promote growth in the CEE region, with a particular focus on Food and Non-Food retail, FMCG, and Consumer products. Our flagship event, the Poland & Retail Summit 2024, was the largest of its kind in the region, attracting 400+ speakers and over 3000 attendees and establishing itself as a must-attend event for industry professionals. To get a sense of the experience of attending a conference with 3000 attendees, we invite you to visit our post-conference website, where you can view pictures and learn more about the event.

Our conferences are designed to provide rich and valuable content, creating long-lasting networks of relationships among top-level professionals from the industry's main players.

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Upcoming Congresses;

Poland & CEE Retail Summit 2025

15-16 April 2025

eRetail-Congress 2025

15-16April 2025

European Circular Retail Congress 2025

16 April 2025

Interactive Business Round Table discussions

Flamebond roundtables bring together small groups of high-level experts in a highly interactive environment using a 'give and take' methodology and together they are working on solutions and concepts aimed at developing themselves and their businesses. 

Together, we search for solutions and we identify business opportunities based on case studies analysis and by using the Problem-Based Learning method. Each meeting is conducted online on a special exchange platform, and may involve a maximum of 12 participants. The well-planned structure and detailed preparation of the meeting from the merit and organizational side lead to a very efficient use of discussion time. During Flamebond meetings, we cover many different topics in areas such as retail, e-commerce, payments, innovations, production, and supply chain. Regardless of the subject, each meeting is an optimal solution for busy managers.

More information on our business round table discussions (Flamebonds) can be found here

Dinners2Connect / Networking Dinners

We're excited to share that our major conferences are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to networking and connecting with industry leaders. Introducing Dinners2Connect - our exclusive, invitation-only roundtable dinners that bring together between 65 to 120 like-minded professionals to exchange ideas, build relationships and make new connections. And the best part? Thanks to our partners, participation in Dinners2Connect is free of charge and doesn't commit you to any further obligations.

Our Dinners2Connect events are held in luxurious locations in major business centers and are focused solely on networking. We believe that networking is key to developing skills, staying up to date with industry trends, meeting potential mentors, partners, and clients, and gaining access to necessary resources that drive career development. Our carefully selected guests from the country's leading companies are guaranteed to meet relevant peers and engage in stimulating conversation, making Dinners2Connect the perfect prelude to our larger conferences.

At Dinners2Connect, participants enjoy a seated dinner and multiple networking rotations in an intimate yet relaxed environment. With pre-planned topics and talking points aimed at assisting leaders with business challenges, our dinners provide a rewarding and fun experience. Plus, many of our dinner guests end up becoming speakers at our larger conferences, making their experience all the more meaningful. Don't miss out on the chance to build relationships and connect with like-minded individuals in your industry.


Visit Dinner2Connect to register your interest and view our initial schedule of events.

Upcoming Dinners

October 2024

  • ESG Strategy & Compliance Insights Dinner  Solution Providers Week (Poland Warsaw) October 1, 2024
  • Sustainable Commerce Insights Dinner Solution Providers Week (Poland Warsaw) October 2, 2024
  • Sustainable Supply Chain & Operations Insights Dinner Solution Providers Week (Poland Warsaw) October 3, 2024
  • V Retail & CPG ESG Professionals VIP's Pre-Conference Dinner European Circular Retail Congress - Poland (Warsaw) October 21, 2024
  • VII CEO & Board Directors Pre-Conference Dinner Retail Summit - Poland (Warsaw) October 22, 2024
  • VII Supply Chain VIP's Pre-Conference Dinner Retail Summit - Poland (Warsaw) October 23, 2024
  • VIII eCommerce VIP's Pre-Conference Dinner eRetail Congress - Poland (Warsaw) October 24, 2024

November 2024

  • CEO & Board Directors Dinner - Czech Republic (Prague) 5 November 2024
  • eCommerce Industry Insights exchange dinner for Solution Providers, eRetail Congress - Czech Republic (Prague) 6 November, 2024
  • III eCommerce VIP's Pre-Conference Dinner eRetail Congress - Czech Republic (Prague) 7 November 2024
  • Retail & CPG ESG Professionals Dinner - Czech Republic (Prague) 26 November 2024
  • II Supply Chain Professionals Dinner - Czech Republic (Prague) 28 November 2024

For more information about the dinners and the idea behind the dinners, please visit our dedicated Dinners2Connect website: